The Shrine At Taos

The D. H. Lawrence Memorial Shrine

Dedicated To F. R. Taylor


Viewed from a distance,

It appears to be a gatehouse

Flanked by trees

Supporting heaven.


I climb the gravel path

To Frieda’s grave,

Then enter the portal

Beyond it.


His ashes are interred

Within a white-washed cell.

Exhibited on the wall,

A coroner’s affidavit.

Anchored to the floor,

A bird of plaster

Stands in for an angel,

Who has long since

Departed for home.



On verge of leaving,

I discover a disciple’s poem.


As a crutch, or other stay

No longer needed,

It proves

There are some who leave



Despite its poverty,

His shrine will be esteemed.

It is haunted

By the glimmer from a halo,

This light surrounding Taos,

Which defines the hues of Truth.

I intuit

A greatness that has been,

That could be again.


Come Creator Spirit.



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