Whole and Complete

Two girls shimmy their tummies

To the frenetic beats of a hula,

Their upper torsos ever poised,

Their arms, their hands,

Languid fronds in the breezes of dance.


A boy, his elbows akimbo,

Hops and skips in place, his feet

Endlessly scissoring the rhythms.


The little ones,

Set free by their parents,

Squirming, crawling about,

Claim every square of parquet flooring

Left for their forays into play.


Charissa is ensconced at the center,

A queen on her birthday,

Blessing us all with a smile.


A cousin stands attending her,

Dressing her hair, plaiting

Its lustrous waves into braids,

Then coiling them into a crown.

The puppy dog leaps with a lick.


As always, we, the audience,

Taking this in, relax with our beers,

The ticks of our lives dancing by.


August 17-20 2010

August 23-24, 2010

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