Just before dawn,

I shut my book midway.

Refuse the news from yesterday’s paper.

The computer tablet is as black as the TV.

Hours ago, I pulled all the cords

That can color the world

And push it’s face up close,

So up into mine.


I see my head haunting the dead box

Of the smart phone held in my hand.

Pulling its earbuds,

The music went tinny and tiny.

Finally, I just shut it off.

I am not on tap for a chat

With you, or anyone under the sun.

What to do?


If only I could sleep unafraid

Of the dreams that we dare not remember.

Awakening to peace, I could piece back

Together my memory of Brave:

Barely a kid, I stood at an edge of the city

Watching the pastures and silo disintegrate.

As dusk filtered down, then around,

I waved ro the bats in a whorl overhead.


If I cannot sleep?

If I cannot find peace?


Steven Golden

October 1st, 2016
Revised October 2nd, October 10, 2016

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